Fear transforms into humility – Chapter 3 of my Lockdown memory 2019 – Day 16

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I only know that I have never in my life felt such intense FEAR and at the same time such deeply rooted COURAGE as I did in the back seat of the taxi at the roadblock. The hospitality and loving kindness of the Hindu master reinforce the echo of courage - and I understood what humility means: to endure fear and to understand for the first time physically and mentally what a perfidious driver of fear is the division and oppression of minorities in a society

My first experience in a lockdown in Dezember 2019 Chapter 2 – Day 15

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So I was in Guwahati, in the midst of a curfew and an invisible threat - it was one o'clock at noon. I only knew that there had been violent riots the day before. From my travels to Bhutan, I had a very diffuse image of rebels who have been marauding in the jungle on the border between Bhutan and Assam for more than 20 years with arbitrary violence and anarchic sentiments. At the time, I didn't know that the initiators of the current demonstrations were students and intellectuals.

Rituals vs. patterns – Day 13

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The new rules that experts and authorities convey to us in order to fight the pandemic - they cost us to overcome and shake up our everyday lives. But they are also a chance to switch off the inner autopilot every now and then and to experience how we consciously deal with if and why we change habits - and what is creatively recreated from a more alert awareness and a stronger connection with ourselves then.

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