Kick-off and arrival – Day 2

Transformation,Transformation and Advent

December 2, 2020

2nd day Advent for Transformation

23 days left ... what can you say about transformation on so many days? No, I'm not running out of ideas. In the first of the three weeks I have a few impulses about change and transformation processes for the head and our consciousness, in the second week it goes to our hearts without getting sentimental - and in the last week we take things in hand.

For today I will stay with yesterday's title "Kick-off & Arrive".
Changes can appear in a variety of forms. There are creeping changes: everything seems to take its usual unchanged course - we are in constant contact with people who are familiar to us and perceive them - and yet we do not perceive that we are changing: there are signs of age, the body changes or our movements. It takes an occasion, a nudge, to realize: hmm, something is different. And then there are upheavals, that we notice very abruptly and immediately: A storm devastates a settlement or a forest, a flood sweeps everything away and leaves damages.

And then there are changes that combine both caracteristics - the rather creeping, inconspicuous on the one hand and the overwhelming, destructive element on the other. A virus, for example, is invisible. Many people do not even feel that they are carrying viruses - and yet each and every one of us can contribute to its exponential spread without being aware of it. This pandemic with its effects on health, but also on the entire organic and social ecosystem, will be remembered as the first of its kind in human history, which at the same time massively affects the entire globe and the entire population. I talk to friends in the USA, UK, France and Sweden, Australia, India, Hong Kong and Bhutan, in my home village in the Rhineland, in Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart or Munich - and everyone is without exception affected - we did not suspect that a year ago, when the first cases of illness occurred in China….

Becoming AWARE of the massive changes caused by the current pandemic is not the same for everyone. First of all, there are people and their relatives who become sick themselves, or in the worst case die. Entrepreneurs who are forced to close their operations as a result of the lockdown measures, or people who can no longer practice their profession, feel severe economic losses. Then there are the families who have to completely turn their everyday lives upside down in order to somehow coordinate the cooperation with home offices, closed schools and daycare centers, etc.
For me personally, on the surface, the change is not that massive. I have been working from home for two years, and my project work has not changed for the time being - I am rather one of those people who gratefully accepted the unexpected respite that the pandemic has given our hectic everyday life and also to the natur . I moved from a flat share in Hamburg to a house community in Baden-Württemberg, but not because of the pandemic - admittedly, the move and the furnishing of the new apartment was considerably restricted by the travel restrictions. However, I can also feel the effects of the pandemic massively in my relationships: I'm separated from my siblings, our annual family reunion had to be canceled - and above all: I have a long-distance relationship and my partner and I met in person in Bhutan for the last time at the beginning of March. It is still very difficult to predict when we will get back together.

But what I'm getting at: the change is perceived very differently by each of us. But one thing unites us ALL in this pandemic: our feeling for life has changed - yes, it is a different attitude towards life: love, closeness, lightness, connectedness, movement, freedom, security, stability, learning, being outside, traveling, new getting to know people, getting involved in work and being effective - meeting all of these human needs has become more difficult with the pandemic.

Becoming aware of which needs are important for my personal well-being - is always the first decisive step to help shape change yourself. If I insist that everything stay the way it is, or get back to the way it was, then I ignore my real needs, I just walk away or stay there. But when I become aware of what change is going on, how it affects or perhaps even enriches my personal needs - then I set off with the intention of redeveloping my attitude towards life. "Arriving" begins with the first step of making yourself aware of what I need now. Setting of, to kick-off is an act of full awareness and the drive to arrive. The arrival doesn't happen in a moment, it's a process - on this blog a process stretched over 23 days ... are you coming with me?

Which attitude towards life are you missing the most at the moment?