It may not get better, but it will be different – Day 24

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The "new" is not necessarily "better". We can very happily wish each other that the next year should be "better" - and this time there is a relatively high chance that things will actually be "better". But what I actually wish for, both for myself and for all my loved ones, for humanity on the whole planet: That we open our hearts and our compassion for a different, resilient way of dealing with all the big and small challenges, which the pandemic will certainly bring us in the next 12 months. I wish all of us a strengthened mental immune power so that we can approach our life "differently" time and again with courage and ease - with love and from the heart. Merry Christmas

The magic IKEA moment – Day 18

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The IKEA moment doesn't happen right away. The first steps have been taken, the first sense of achievement appears and the piece of furniture takes shape. I don't expect it anymore, but then there comes a tricky moment: it hangs, is uptight, something is too big or too small. The screw cannot be found. I turn, I push or pull, I loosen and fix it again. Most of the time I have to twist myself unnaturally, screw into an unlit corner.

Fear transforms into humility – Chapter 3 of my Lockdown memory 2019 – Day 16

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I only know that I have never in my life felt such intense FEAR and at the same time such deeply rooted COURAGE as I did in the back seat of the taxi at the roadblock. The hospitality and loving kindness of the Hindu master reinforce the echo of courage - and I understood what humility means: to endure fear and to understand for the first time physically and mentally what a perfidious driver of fear is the division and oppression of minorities in a society

No Mud, No Lotus – Thich Nhat Hanh – Day 12

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Wherever there is planing, there are shavings: every productive activity includes moments in which things are not going well or which appear simply unpleasant, annoying, dirty, complicated, threatening. To sweeten these moments with positive thinking ("It'll be fine!") Is just as harmful as denying or degrading "dirty work" out of misunderstood ambition: "I'm efficient, I don't make any chips" - "That's below my capacities, I don't make my hands dirty ".

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