No soda please – Day 19

Resilience,Transformation,Transformation and Advent

December 19, 2020

Day 19

Only a few days left until Christmas. The renewed lockdown does not necessarily mean that the tasks become fewer - even if there are fewer visitors, the apartment should be nice and clean, the Christmas tree still has to be set up and decorated - if not even bought or felled. There are also presents to be wrapped and the Christmas mail has not yet been completely written. Yesterday I failed a cookie dough (out of 3) - so try again today, expectations are high!

So maybe there will still be an explosion and chaos that I told you about on the 3rd day of Advent?

No, I just reduce my demands and only drink still water: I think that's a very nice picture to get through the 4th Advent stress-free: I'm a bottle of water - mind you, still water. If I were a soda water bottle and someone shook me up, I'd explode pretty soon.

The sparkling water is all expectations and feelings, all judgments of right or wrong, all ideas of a perfect Advent and a particularly atmospheric Christmas - all of these expectations are fleeting, my wise Buddhist friend would tell me …

Panta rhei - at the time of Heraklit there was no sparkling water, right ?!