Gratefulness vs. expectations – Day 6

Transformation,Transformation and Advent

December 6, 2020

Day 6

Have a nice St. Nicholas Day and 2nd Advent!

The day of St. Nikolaus marks an important milestone in many regions where Christmas is celebrated in order to shorten the waiting for the new beginning at the winter solstice through Christmas Advent.
My childhood memories on this day are full of pictures of filled winterboots with sweeties, Christmas cookies and small gifts.

There are numerous legends about St. Nicholas, a bishop from Myra, a port city in today's Turkey in the 4th century. He distributed gifts to children and guided shipwrecked fishermen back safely to their home ports. So nowadays he is the spiritual patron for shipping and as Santa Claus he became the main commerciliazed mascot of Christmas Season.

For me a nice occasion to talk about gratitude as the foundation for my inner compass in my transformation journey this Advent. I am very grateful today because an important milestone has been reached: my new website, on which this blog appears, goes on air today - yeah!

My thanks go to those who have supported me in this - in development, in feedback and with inspiration. And I'm grateful because I know your feedback and inspiration will go further and this website will be an organic, transformative platform. I am grateful because I have not been guided by false expectations and the result is now much more than I could have imagined two months ago. I am grateful because I feel that the website gives all those who are interested in my service orientation, clarity and insight into my abilities, my offers and everything that drives me.

For me, gratitude is a very important motivation for actions with impact. By gratefully accepting what I have, I am connected to myself. If instead I focused on what I don't have but expect - then every step towards change feels much more tiring, more challenging. Every change needs energy - to distinguish the draining from the strengthening energies, I would like to encourage others in this with my company - for a transformation with gratitude and energy.