What do I want to change?


May 31, 2021

What do I want to change Text

What do I want to change? The question was asked when I wanted to register for an online session about how life will continue in job and generally in life after Corona. Without a reply, I was unable to complete the digital registration.

Phew, that's going to be stressful now. I just wanted to register quickly, and now I should suck something witty out of my fingers?

Another stress factor: well, I HAVE to say something intelligent, after all, with my services I stand for change and transformation, like with my Instagram account, which is now starting ...

Last resistance: I've changed a lot in the last few years, that's enough for now, right?

I have to admit, I couldn't think of anything intelligent at the time, I simply stated my current goal as a change request: More reach for my website in order to draw the attention of potential clients to my services.

But what would an "intelligent" change request be? It can change a lot when I look at my spontaneous thoughts with a beginner's spirit and without judgment. It can't be that stupid to call my current goal, my intention, a desire for change, can it?

In fact, the first step is to become aware that something is changing, that I am changing, that my environment is changing. It is also possible to become aware of what this change does to me, what feelings and resistance it triggers. Sometimes changes happen quite unobtrusively. Days can go by before you suddenly get such an indefinite feeling - wait a minute ... that wasn't the case before, was it? Is that the others, or is that me?

It's also about connection, first with yourself. When I wanted to fill out the online form, I was busy with my calendar. I focused on the registration process - it hadn't been easy to find the online form and I mentally made a nice note to the organizers. And then I stumbled upon the question: What do you want to change? At that moment I was completely taken aback, and first had to reflect, as described above - I just wanted to work now and quickly put it aside, but that? What am I writing now?

The organizers carefully and with a little surprise effect threw me back on myself in order to connect with my intention. It takes such nudges sometimes! When or what was the last nudge you gave to deal with your change?